Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

You’re Fired!!! From networking… really?!?

Many of you’ve already heard the DPWN story. How I saw a problem with the traditional networking and lead group options out there, and then created a better solution for working moms.

I was one of those moms.

I was freaking out!!!!!!

I was crazy busy networking, but I wasn’t getting enough new business. My boss even told me I had to stop attending networking events. (I was fired from networking.) Plus, my bills weren’t getting paid.  I had to find a better option… QUICKLY!

Years later, my job has changed, and my focus has shifted into more online networking. Online relationship building really.

As I type this, my database is filled with contacts from all over the world, yet I don’t really know many of them. I’ve had great conversations with most of them, but after that initial call, I never hear from them again and they never hear from me.

I also find myself crazy busy once again. Yet it’s not networking. It’s spending hours and hours trying to keep up in the social media vortex with VERY LITTLE ROI. Facebook… LinkedIn… Instagram… What strategies are going to get me results?

There’s an endless sea of options out there to keep us busy, but which ones are going to get us new business? And what are the strategies that work “today”?

Just like with face-to-face networking, we just can’t help everyone we cross paths with online.



How do we leverage the multitude of online platforms and millions of connection options, to unite with the right people who will help us scale our businesses to the next level? To multiple six-figure businesses and beyond. And quite possibly the most important outcome, to simplify our engagement so that we can create more freedom in our lives to spend how we choose.

How do we BEST “Unite, Grow & Conquer”?

That is the SOLUTION JOURNEY I’ve been on for the past few years.

Once again, researching what’s out there that does work, and what doesn’t.



Online Relationship Networking

Not to the masses!!!

To your ideal prospects and referral partners. 

Collaborative Velocity ~ Progressive Networking

There will typically be a nominal fee to register or you can register free as a Virtual Member. (Because of the breakout networking structure of this 3-round progressive event, we ask that you show-up as committed if you register)

AUGUST SPECIAL > Attend for free with code: vcfree




Step #1
Show up at this event prepared to accomplish just “one thing”. Know your desired outcome and modify your Info-mercial to effectively communicate to the team how they can help you.

Practice if needed with someone who does not already know your business to get their objective feedback. You will be strategically sectioned into breakout rooms based on your membership level and the questions you answered at registration, and you will be given time to talk about your current focus. There will be three rounds of engagement, and your info-mercial will be 50 seconds long. (Not 51 seconds, so keep it short and precise.)

Step #2
Schedule the next Collaborative Velocity ~ Progressive Networking Event into your calendar.

Step #3
Follow up with a business connection, referral partner, resource, and/or schedule a Virtual Connection Session with at least three people you met at the event.

Step #4 (Optional)
Apply to join a Diamond Club Mastermind Circle. Once approved, you will be partnered with other like-minded women whose business size, focus and client base compliments yours. There will be a variety of financial commitments possible so that there is an option for everyone so that the Mastermind participants are united equally. (Ideally, you should belong to a group that stretches you so that you rise to their level, but not too high so that you can still provide value to the team.)

See you on the inside…


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