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Business Referral Incubator

Our Collaborative Velocity events are designed to become your exclusive resource for valuable connections, wisdom, strategies, resources, and new clients.

In a world full of options, why water down your results by spending time on options that don’t work?



Use code: FIRST-FREE to attend your first visit free.
Members attend FREE every time.

Get Better Results From Your Networking Efforts by Uniting With a Team of Loyal Referral Partners.



You can STOP COASTING, and start reaching a higher velocity in your business by collaborating with like-minded women who have big business goals just like you.

No more fighting traffic, driving to local events only to leave feeling like you didn’t make any real connections. 

You can STOP spending money on expensive networking luncheons, and instead spend your time networking.

You’re going to get more done in half the time by eliminating unnecessary travel time.

You can STOP spending hours on Social Media, without getting any new clients.

You can STOP spending your effort networking, without meeting people who will actively support you and your business.

You can STOP helping other people, who never do anything to support you in return.

Having the satisfaction of meeting women who genuinely want to help you because they embody the philosophies taught by Bob Burg and the Go-Giver Community. Join the Go-Giver Movement.

Meet With Other Like-Minded Women, Using Cutting-Edge Video Conferencing, LIVE from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

Event Logistics


These are 3-Round Progressive Networking Events where you will meet with three groups of women who will get to learn about you and your current focus.

You show up to the event, on time, prepared to accomplish just “one thing”. Know your desired outcome and modify your Info-mercial to effectively communicate to the team how they can support you in this effort.
(We recommend you log in to the room 5-minutes prior to ensure access.)

You will be strategically sectioned into breakout rooms based on your membership level and the questions you answered at registration, and you will be given time to talk about your current focus.

Deliver an impactful info-mercial that focuses on a business goal or a challenge you need support around so that the team can learn how to help you reach your desired outcome.

You will have three rounds to share your 50-second or less info-mercial. Practice if needed with someone who does not already know your business to get their objective feedback and to stay on time.
(At 51 seconds, your mic will be muted, so be prepared to keep it short and precise.) 

There may also be a Mini-Presentations, from our Impact Experts, so that you can also walk away with practical tips and resources that will apply to business or personal growth.

Be prepared to follow up with: a business connection, a referral partner introduction, a needed resource, and/or schedule a Virtual Connection Session with at least three people you met at the event.

Because of the breakout networking structure of this 3-round progressive event, we ask that you show-up as committed if you register.

Because of the breakout coordination of this event, we ask that you arrive early to ensure on-time access and premier group assignments. 
(1-minute past the event start time, the room will be closed and refunds will not be granted.)

Our Collaborative Velocity Networking Events are for dynamic women who are serious about taking their businesses to the next level and want the connections, tools, and resources to make it happen.


Use code: FIRST-FREE to attend your first visit free.
Members attend FREE every time.


Register to reserve your space. Space is limited so make sure you register before the session fills up.


A special link will be sent to you with the event access and instructions.


Turn on your computer, grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, click the access link and get ready to meet the team.

This Event is PERFECT for:


Who want to avoid awkward conversations and uncomfortable silence not knowing how to engage in small talk with networking event attendees.


Who want to stay focused on tangible results instead of fun conversations with a ton of people and no business follow-up or new client acquisitions.



DPWN has definitely been a huge part of my business’ success!!! When looking over my 2018 sales numbers, 40% of my business came from our Atlanta/Kennesaw DPWN Chapter referrals… 40%!!! So very grateful for our wonderful chapter members! And you too Christie Ruffino 🙂 

Ann Guidry

Executive Stylist, eSBe by Sara Blaine

DPWN has helped my business grow. Not only from the referrals I receive on a regular basis, but also from what I have learned from the other women. This networking group is different from others I have joined because everyone is truly supportive and there to help one another.

Sherrie Graham

Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Body in Balance

You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want. Zig Ziglar

Conquering Fears and Goals Together!

© Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc. | Copyright 2023 | All Rights Reserved

© Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc.

Copyright 2023 | All Rights Reserved

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