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OM134: Marla Tabaka | Want Your Business to Make More Money? Your Money Mindset is in Control

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM134: Marla Tabaka | Want Your Business to Make More Money? Your Money Mindset is in Control

Simple Timeline

In 2003, I gathered together 5 women to begin a new networking group. Up until that point, I had become exhausted with my fruitless networking efforts and realized that a relation-based leads group would be a more logical way to get new mortgage clients.

By the end of 2003, we had brought together a strong group of women who had the same vision as I, to create an extended sales team with other women who would make business introductions for each other. Over the next few years, we kept growing; our leadership team kept evolving, our policies and systems kept improving, and we ended 2006 with an overflowing chapter generating thousands of dollars of referrals at every meeting.

In 2007, a business entity was created for DPWN, and we birthed our first two local chapters to accommodate the increasing number of women who wanted to belong to our network. I’d also realized that the true blessing of our community had gone way beyond referral generation, our women (myself included) had formed deep and meaningful relationships with each other and we really cared about each other’s success.

In 2008, we changed the name from “DuPage” to “Dynamic” because we had expanded out of the DuPage County area and I had big plans to keep growing.

In 2009, we launched our first non-Illinois chapter in Milwaukee, WI.

In 2011, $18k was spent on a custom-built website. I know, what was I thinking? In hindsight, I see how that was not a smart decision, but the agency I worked with had promised me so many bells and whistles that would “supposedly” create so much value for our members, I just couldn’t say no. It was to have a communication channel, a referral tracking system, leadership reports, a member connection forum, a robust events calendar, sponsorship opportunities and so much more.

In 2012, we created DPWN Publishing and the Overcoming Mediocrity brand to publish our first co-authored book. The subsequent books in that series were published in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In 2015 and 2016, we hosted the Dynamic Women’s Conference in Rolling Meadows, IL. In 2018, we hosted the Results 360 Business Summit.

As of July 1st, 2019, we have 15 chapters, in 3 states and have had 2,099 women belong to our DPWN family.


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