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OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM143: Lori Lyons | Permission Granted to KEEP IT SIMPLE!

Member Stories

DPWN has helped my business grow not only from the referrals I receive on a regular basis but also from learning so much from the other women. This networking group is different from others I have joined because everyone is truly supportive and there to help one another.
Sherrie Graham, Personal Trainer and Health Coach at Body in Balance

DPWN has definitely been a huge part of my business’ success!!! When looking over my 2018 Sales numbers, 40% of my business came from our Atlanta/Kennesaw DPWN Chapter… 40%!!! So very Grateful for our Wonderful Chapter Members! And you too Christie Ruffino 🙂
Ann Guidry, Executive Stylist, eSBe by Sara Blaine

One thing that I think really has set DPWN apart from most networking communities is that strong female support that most female professionals need. It has helped in creating new connections, yes, but more importantly, it has helped me build more confidence in myself and my business to make networking a breeze.
Alexza Mosquera- Virtual Assistant

DPWN has been such a great experience and building block towards a very strong network of incredible women. I not only have grown my network but have made genuine friends. We learn from each other, support each other, and plan charitable activities to give back to our communities.
Deanna Kuempel, Founder/CEO of Deanna Marie Label, LLC

DPWN has shown me that professional women really can help each other grow and learn. It is amazing what motivated, dedicated and savvy women can do to form real relationships that benefit everyone. I am excited to be helping launch a new chapter in Libertyville, but I really will miss the ladies I met and did business with (and still do) in my Elk Grove chapter.
Ginger Acopiado, Country Financial

Sue Taflinger DPWN has an awesome support group. It has helped my business grow with many referrals and great connections with a group of women who are all going in the same direction.
Sue Taflinger, Independent consultant with Tastefully Simple

What does DPWN mean to me? It’s all about building relationships, supporting each other in business, and empowering women to live their life’s purpose with confidence! We embrace the “Go-Giver” attitude. Amazing women are drawn to DPWN!
Kathleen Rosner, Melaleuca Executive Director

I’ve found that the DPWN is a terrific group.  The women are very supportive of my business and the growth of my business.  They have helped me to grow my business over the years and I have become more successful because of them.
Terri Landey-Bluver, Liberty Mutual Insurance

DPWN has given me not only a great jump start in my business but also, I have found a community of women who I LOVE to be around.  We learn so much from each other.  We have fun with each other.  And we love doing business with each other!
Kristine Palmer, W by Worth Director of Business Development

Joining the DPWN has been the best move I’ve made. After 5 years of business, I have tried everything from ads to booths at health fairs. DPWN is the best use of my time and money. I have seen far more return in a short period of time. I highly recommend becoming a member!
Dr. Emily Loveland, Tranquility Spa & Wellness Center

We have truly learned and appreciated in our Chapter how our referrals continue to multiply by turning into additional referrals down the line.  I feel this is truly a result of the culture of DPWN which is to learn about each other’s businesses and form relationships.
Susan Conrad,

The DPWN has been such a rewarding experience for me. The women I have met both in our group and at Chamber events have made me feel worthy & welcome. There is a common bond of helping one another that is prevalent and relevant as we try to make our businesses grow. Here”s to many more mutual successes!
Lenore Kula, Great Guys Cleaning

DPWN has provided me with the opportunity to network with professional women in the area and to help them build their businesses through referrals and leads.  The giving attitude of the organization and the members has been a true blessing to me.
Lisa Schulteis, Today”s Virtual Edge, LLC

DPWN has helped me grow my business with referrals from power partners within the Chapter. The relationships are powerful and friendships develop. Defintely an organization worthy of your time.
Linda Scott, Wintrust Mortgage

I have made many connections and created many wonderful relationships through the DPWN.  These DPWN connections have expanded into third party connections over the 5 years that I have been a member.
Deborah Todd, Certified Professional Life Coach

The women that I have met through my DPWN chapter have been quality business women who I am excited about networking with.
Patty Bojan, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.

DPWN has enhanced my business in many ways.  My fellow chapter members give me the support of many mentors; the speaker events have given me new knowledge and improved my business practices, and the leadership opportunities have helped me to become a better leader in all areas.
Anne Quigley, Pure Harmony Massage

I have truly enjoyed being the chapter director of our group. The women have all been supportive by always being involved with the growth of our chapter and the quality of referrals we generate for each other. They are my inspiration and keep me moving forward with the energy, desire, and pride that DPWN exemplifies.
Lisa Juarez, Prime Realy Solutions

I love the networking opportunities I hear about through our DPWN chapter!  Chamber meetings, speaking, and vendor opportunities with other networking groups – all of these occasions give my business the chance to grow by meeting new people. Our chapter really cares about the success of each member’s business.
Lori Martin, Envision Benefit Specialist

DPWN is an innovative way to network with other successful businesswomen in the area.  Beyond business growth, which due to the nature of our unique organization has been exponentially more successful than any other networking that I’ve done, the personal growth and development along with true friendships created have been invaluable.
Kristina Sciazko, Lighthouse Emotional Wellness Center

DPWN has allowed me to make meaningful connections with other women.  I have confidence in the business our members provide, and I am more than happy to refer friends and family to my fellow members.
Louisa Rothman, Arbonne International

My membership in DPWN has provided the opportunity to meet wonderful women who, over the years, have become dynamic business partners as well as great friends!
Pam Stella, Illinois Institute of Technology

DPWN has given me the opportunity to not only grow as a person and a business owner but has challenged me to be better at what I do and given me confidence personally and professionally. There is a lot of power in women to support each other and I am glad to be a part of it.
Fran Myles, Sparkles Entertainment

Getting to know and trust the members in my group, to pass and receive referrals, is invaluable!  I wish an opportunity such as DPWN had been available earlier in my career!
Sue Ganser Levinson, Attorney at Law

After my first year with my DPWN Chapter, I feel like I am part of a group of women who I admire deeply.  They are caring women who are vibrant and ambitious.  They inspire me when they succeed and I want to help them!  I appreciate all they do to provide opportunities for me too!!
Darlene Lundin, Country Financial Insurance

Meeting on a consistent basis with other local businesswomen has been a great way to maintain confidence and refine my speaking skills.
Michelle Velmont, Velmont Enterprises, LLC

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