Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM152: Georgiana Danet | From Tension to Tranquility

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM152: Georgiana Danet | From Tension to Tranquility

Who Needs Another Network?

Who Needs Another Network? Is your online network getting you more business or just more busyness? That is the exact same question I asked myself back in 2004 when I took inventory of the mountain of business cards I’d collected from attending a full schedule of...

Lifetime Memberships

Lifetime Chapter Memberships We are excited that for the month of July 2018, we are offering our Chapter Members the opportunity to become “Lifetime Members”. By renewing their membership for only $600 (Brand New Lifetime Chapter Memberships are $900)...

Chapter Member News & Bonuses

Chapter Member News & Bonuses Building more success in your business, through our DPWN community, is really not a complicated process. You merely need to: A) Invest in your network by continually inviting dynamic women to join us. Women that will create power...

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