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OM125: DAY #12 | 12-Days of Christmas Giveaway

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM125: DAY #12 | 12-Days of Christmas Giveaway

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5-Easy Steps to Launch a DPWN Chapter in Your Area.




Request Chapter Director consideration by clicking the “APPLY HERE” text below.



You will complete our interest form and then receive a link to schedule a call to learn more about the opportunity, support, resources and benefits available to you as a DPWN leader.



After the interview, if appropriate, we will send you a leadership agreement for your review, approval, signature and return.



We will schedule a follow-up call to review any final questions, launch date, location, schedule and marketing plan for your new DPWN Chapter.



DPWN will send you your Chapter Supply Kit, along with the marketing materials and support resources needed for you to build a successful new chapter. 

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Our DPWN Sisters Come from Every Race, Ethnicity, and Religion.

We welcome collaboration on all levels and value positivity, productivity, prosperity, and giving before you expect to get.

It's SUPER Easy to Launch a Chapter in Your Area!

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“Discipline is choosing what you want most over what you want now.” Author Unknown

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