Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM152: Georgiana Danet | From Tension to Tranquility

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM152: Georgiana Danet | From Tension to Tranquility

We’re a PREMIUM COMMUNITY of women uniting to be stronger, wiser, and more profitable TOGETHER!


You’re Just Minutes Away From Accessing the Power of Our Sisterhood!


Chapter Membership

$300 yr

(PLUS: a one-time $50 Application Fee)


“The Sister Squad”


Our Chapter Memberships are designed to provide strategic opportunities for fun and productive IN-PERSON or ONLINE relationship networking with loyal women at a local/online chapter twice per month.

You can search the Directory to see the complete list of chapter locations, schedules, member profiles, and Chapter Director contact information. You can visit a local chapter one time before joining, but we ask that you RSVP prior to visiting to ensure accurate venue accommodations.


Forever FREE
Global Membership

$0 mo


“Global Exposure”


Our Forever FREE Global Memberships do not include Chapter Memberships, but still includes instant access to create an online profile in our SEO ranking member directory, plus they are designed to provide strategic opportunities for fun and productive ONLINE relationship networking with like-minded professional women.


Diamond Membership

$100 mo

(PLUS: a one-time $50 Application Fee)


“Unity and Visibility”


Our Diamond Club Success Circles are PERFECT for women who are ready to rise to the next level and collaborate deeper with other like-minded women who are dedicated to expanding their business and increasing their impact and income.

For maximum results and synergy, you will be teamed up with other women whose business revenue, focus, and goals align with yours. You will also get customized support, accountability, additional visibility, and become better equipped to accomplish your “Big Hairy Audacious Goals”.

The First “All-in-One” Online Membership Program Designed to Save You Time, Money and Wasted Networking Efforts So That You Enjoy a Continual Stream of New Prospects, Clients and Brand Advocates.

Your Book

Have you ever thought of having your own book?

A business book to share your wisdom and showcase your business brand?

We’ve helped 100’s of women become published, and we can help you too.


A Letter From Christie

Hello, my new friend – THANK YOU for visiting!

The national expansion of DPWN has been a dream of mine since we celebrated our 5th Anniversary back in 2008. And then, in 2013, when I started meeting amazing 💪 women from all over the world at high-end events hosted by the top leaders in the industry, my mind was expanded to believe that that crazy dream could become a reality.

Let me back up a bit… For almost two decades, I’ve created a thriving community of women 👩‍❤️‍👩 who are loyal and dedicated to helping each other achieve success. These women chose to stop wasting time attending several networking events every week, and they joined our community. They stopped collecting business cards, and they started increasing business. They backed off their selling efforts and focused on building an extended sales team with each other. I’m happy to say that their revenue sky-rocketed. 💰

That all began back in 2003. Since then, we’ve had over 2,000 members thrive in our community at local in-person meetings hosted in multiple states. 🌎

Although these results are a true blessing 🙏 to everyone involved, there have been (and still are) so many women who want to get plugged into our community but can’t because there isn’t a chapter near them.

One day, I decided that a change had to be made.💕

Raised by a single mom, my grandma always used to tell me, “Christie, the more you and your brother work together to help your mom; the easier life will be for everyone.”

I believe the same holds true for women in business. We need each other! 🙋

We can do great things on our own, but we can achieve bigger dreams faster with the help of other like-minded women.

YES – I’ve created a thriving off-line network, but how in the world should I create an online network that creates value, not more noise and busyness? How do we leverage the multitude of online platforms and millions of connection options to unite with the right women and strategies that will help us scale our businesses to the next level? And more importantly, how do we simplify our engagement so that we can create more freedom in our lives to spend how we choose.

I went to work…

I started researching a plethora of online groups out there to find out what works and what doesn’t. Like I did back in 2003, I saw a problem with the traditional networking and lead group options out there and created a better solution. I knew there had to be a BETTER SOLUTION.

Well, I’m happy to announce that I’ve created what I believe to be the perfect combination of a networking, personal development, and mastermind community. 😁

Our Global Members have several opportunities every month to learn from industry experts and connect with other like-minded women. Our Chapter Members will keep uniting to grow their teams in size, quantity, and productivity. And for those who want to take their experience and results to the next level, our Diamond Club Mastermind Circles are the best option. Plus, they include all of the Chapter and Global Member benefits for one simple monthly investment.

I can’t wait to SEE you on the inside.

Your newest fan,



Uniting to Minimize Our Efforts & Multiply Our Results…

in an active community of women who place a high priority on loyalty and mutual support.

Conquering Fears and Goals Together!

© Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc. | Copyright 2023 | All Rights Reserved

© Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc.

Copyright 2023 | All Rights Reserved

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