Kathleen Rosner
Executive Director

Chapter: Barrington

Category: Health & Wellness

Location: 2251 Inverray Rd., Inverness, IL 60067

Country: United States

Office Phone: 847-991-4242

Cell Phone: 847 530-5999

Fax: 847-991-4848



Birthday: January 16th

Member Since: 03/17/2010

Next Renewal Date: 03/17/2019

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About Kathleen

I am honored to have been the Director since March 2010 when our Barrington Chapter began with 6 founding members. We now have 22 members & still have categories open for more dynamic professional women in business. I have been a Melaleuca Marketing Executive for 15 years--the last 10 as an Executive Director. I love what I do ! Our mission statement is "To Enhance the Lives of those we Helping People Reach Their Goals".. Melaleuca has provided total wellness--physical & financial for my family & many others. I am happy to share my knowledge & leadership with our DPWN Barrington Chapter!