Chasity Wells

Protecting Families LLC

Chapter: 0

Category: Insurance

Location: 3870 PEACHTREE INDSTRL, 340, 340 Duluth, GA 30096

Country: United States

Office Phone: 614-230-6600

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Birthday: February 01st

Member Since: 10/19/2017

Next Renewal Date: 01/18/2019

Name of Sponsoring Member: Michelle Sutter

About Chasity

As a US Navy veteran, Chasity has always had a passion to protect and serve the community around her. Being a proud mother to a beautiful girl, she understands the importance of protecting the ones we love most. Serving as a licensed insurance agent she is able to educate people how to protect their families and their legacies with the protection that insurance provides. Chasity is very involved with her local community by serving to strengthen women leaving abusive relationships with the combined effort of shelters in her area. Choosing her as your protection specialist you will not only be equipped with an agent who is very knowledgeable but one with a compassionate heart to help you protect your family's legacy. She not only talks the talk but walks the walk of empowering the community one person at a time. Chasity is an inspiration and motivator to women who has become stagnant in their dreams and aspirations in life by living the life that she talks about with fire and determination.