Ursula Wachowiak

The Write Hand, LLC
Owner / Virtual Assistant

Chapter: Overcoming Mediocrity Authors

Category: Virtual Assistant

Location: 7664 Crossgate Blvd., North Charleston, SC 29420

Country: United States

Office Phone: 6307300833

Cell Phone: 6307300833

Fax: 4842975705



Birthday: October 29th

Member Since: 02/09/2015

Next Renewal Date: 06/01/2022

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About Ursula

Ursula Wachowiak grew up simply like many of us. She became a wife, mother, and professional. It would seem that she enjoyed a great deal of success along with some of life's typical challenges. It was during the hardest of times that she made a choice to not only be her own boss but to do so while becoming homeless. Using her years of professional expertise, she built The Write Hand, LLC; a Virtual Assistant business. She sold nearly everything she owned to travel the United States on her Harley Davidson. She worked hard, slept in the woods and abandoned buildings, toured the country, and wherever she went, she gave inspiration to everyone that she encountered.

A tragic accident that occurred as Ursula toured the country resulted in the loss of part of her left leg. This B.R.O.A.D. TM yet again rose to her greatest during the hardest of times. She rebuilt The Write Hand, LLC, bought another Harley Davidson, and toured the country again. She now has a much larger following that spans more than just the motorcycle community. She says, "You can hit me, You can break me, You can make me bleed, but as long as I'm still breathing; the road is where I'll be."


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