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About Mihaela

Dr. Mihaela Marcusanu is a Professional Life and Mindfulness Coach who helps extremely busy people slow down and un-burden themselves, thus living lives they can�t wait to get up in the morning for. She coaches from the heart using intuition and creativity, with the added benefit of a very diverse life experience and a strong problem solving background.

Besides coaching, Mihaela offers seminars, workshops, and retreats. She can be reached for inspirational speaking engagements on work/life balance, living a happy and authentic life, and mindfulness (mindful work, mindful life).

Mihaela is the Founder of "Yes to Happiness" � a company with the mission to serve the human potential by being a catalyst for people�s growth through self-awareness and self-leadership.

Her blog (at, as well as her poetry books, express her own personal and spiritual growth over the years. She is an avid reader, always ready to open the next inspiring book and learn something new to pass on.