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About Michele Riley

Michele Swiderski is a Natural Solutions provider who helps women become healers in their own homes. A mom with two small children who was suddenly widowed in her 30’s, Michele began her wellness firm, Simply Balanced with Michele, to share her lessons learned from overcoming the stress of suddenly single parenting, a more than 40 hour per week corporate position and the community commitments that she was drawn toward.

Michele’s journey is one of joyful resilience. Prior to founding her wellness business, Michele spent over 10 years as a visitor logistics and military event planner for a large government defense contractor. Before that, she established herself as a small business marketing consultant.

Michele is now creating a movement assisting her clients as they embrace wellness through the proper use of therapeutic grade essential oils, natural foods and education. She was called to this work through the experience of autoimmune issues, which she and her children experienced from grief, chronic stress and overwhelm. Michele provides services including one-on-one wellness coaching, in-home classes, seminars for other holistic wellness practitioners and their clients and entrepreneurial coaching.

Michele holds a double bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communications and Public Relations with an emphasis in Entrepreneurial Business. She is currently finishing her MBA. She enjoys participating in a wide variety of wellness activities, yoga, meditation, reiki, chiropractic care and acupuncture. Michelle also collaborates with other holistic wellness practitioners.

"I receive tremendous satisfaction and joy from helping people to find natural wellness solutions for health and home in simple, obtainable ways. Living well and incorporating daily wellness routines can change everything about how you live and the way your family functions."