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About Jackie

Being a Secret Can Suck Your Life & Your Business Down the Drain

Removing the "Cloak of Invisibility" from her business sky rocketed Jackie Simmons from Secret to Success in 7 Months. BUT it didn’t start out that way.

There’s nothing like being an entrepreneur / business owner to stir up an emotional mess!

For Jackie, being a single parent at the same time brought her smack up against mental and emotional blocks that shut her down every time she made progress. These inner saboteurs sat on her phone so she couldn’t make sales calls, and distracted her so she couldn’t focus and finish projects. They trashed her hard work and torpedoed her relationships.

It was through learning to permanently resolve her own inner blocks that the Total Success Mindset system was born. Jackie used the system to help herself, and then her clients, go "From Secret to Success" in record time.

Since the 1980’s, Jackie has been helping small business owners and entrepreneurs tame the inner saboteurs that trample their profits and productivity and suck their sanity down the drain. In her book: Your Path From Secret to Success, Jackie guides you through 7 simple steps to a Total Success Mindset – the quickest, most reliable path to becoming the Calm, Focused, Profit-Making Success that you were always meant to be.