Svietlana Lavrentidi

The Authority Ninja

Chapter: Overcoming Mediocrity Authors

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Location: 2 Stephenson Place, Merstham, RH1 3DJ

Country: Surrey

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Birthday: June 29th

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About Svietlana

Svietlana is proof that nothing is impossible. She had her share of challenges, had several breakthroughs and overcame every obstacle on her path to success. Svietlana has discovered her past connected to her present and has been working on turning the connection into a positive ever since.

After having a stress related breakdown at work, she realized she was not cut out to be an employee and set out on a journey to become an entrepreneur.

After a couple of failed attempts, she found the keys to success and started her first successful business with NO funding and NO money. Within 6 months, she had built the largest female meetup group in Europe, which led her to becoming the authority in the world of meetups, networking and female entrepreneurship..

She is now inspiring entrepreneurs all over the UK and teaching them how to influence with ease, network effectively and get to their dreams faster, by becoming The Authority Ninja in your field.

Svietlana also has a bigger vision for everything she does.