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About Dorci

A healthy lifestyle is more than a "diet". There is no such thing as a "One plan fits all" approach. As a realistic wellness coach, Dorci helps her clients to develop a lifestyle of healthy choices that is based on their realistic view of where they are now, where they would like to be and more importantly, the steps they are willing to take to achieve this goal. Her specialty is in discovering and prioritizing her clients’ First Steps into a lifetime of health and wellness. She believes that lasting health should be attainable, easy to get, affordable and a priority for living the life her clients deserve. The start is the stop for most people. Her greatest gift is being able to look at every person and everybody as a unique creation. By tapping into her 18+ years of health and wellness, body mechanics and movement experience, she can then create a plan is that is both sustainable and feasible for each person. She feels that after all, "Every body is different. It’s your health, your life and your plan." That is what makes the lasting difference!

Dorci earned two degrees - an Associates of Arts and a B.S. in Biology/Chemistry. She was a dancer from the age of 4 through college. She practices yoga and pilates and is working on a certification in Ballet Barre. Dorci is also the 5th licensed facilitator in the United States of the Certified Healing Dance Therapy - Chakradance™.

She holds retreats, group coaching sessions, one on one coaching and basic accountability groups. She also volunteers with several animal rescue groups and has "adopted" a mentally challenged gentleman at a local home for the disabled for the past 15 years.