Hello, My Friends… 😉

Here we are, halfway through the year already.

Our January goals have either stayed in the forefront of our minds, or they’ve been long forgotten in the wind, just like our faded New Year’s resolutions.

That’s the thing about goals. They’re much easier to create than to accomplish. It’s SO easy to get distracted or side railed by other things… by “life”. But goal setting is crucial to keep moving forward in life. To rise above mediocrity and make a bigger impact in our lives and in the lives of others.

In January of this year, I adopted 2019 to be the year of change. My initial vision for DPWN has always been to build it to become THE premier resource for business women to unite and conquer. To bring together so many women that we become attractive to big business who would want to become Sponsors to gain visibility within our community. Visibility to smart women who are the decision-makers in their households. Unfortunately, that has not happened YET. Let me give you a brief DPWN history lesson.

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Roller Coasters

Did I ever plan to create a community for women? Heck no! I never had a sister and I really only had one close female friend growing up. Most of the other female relationships I started, just didn’t sustain. I didn’t know how to navigate through those friendships successfully so I gravitated toward male relationships because they were easier for me. They were black and white with little room for grey, feelings, complicated emotions, etc. But that my friend, is a story for another time. 🙂

Years later, as my life evolved, I can vividly remember standing unsteadily at my boss’s desk handing her my resignation because I had come to a clear understanding that God wanted me to do something else. I didn’t know what at the time, and I was terrified that I was making a horrible decision, but I obediently handed her that tear-stained paper and headed home to cry myself into oblivion. My faith wasn’t very strong at that point, but I’d received many clear signs about this decision, and I was very discontent with my current career path. I had hoped, more than anything, that things could only get better. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined that my life would become focused on supporting women, but God has a sense of humor. And His plans for our lives are far greater than we can ever imagine. Let me tell you why I believe that.

As you can see, the DPWN journey has paralleled the craziest roller coaster ride you could ever imagine. The tallest roller coaster in the world, Kingda Ka at the Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has nothing on this ride. I understand that a progressive business has to expand and contract. I know, from experience, that every contraction should be followed up by a healthy and prosperous expansion. That is… if we don’t completely implode and give up during that laboring contraction. So, it would be logical for me to expect and be fully prepared for lots of ups and lots of downs. Well, I’ve really tried.

I will say that I am completely euphoric during the “ups”! At those times, my faith was confirmed, and I truly believed that I was following God’s plan. I was helping people move forward. What could be better than that? But the downs…. Let me tell you about the downs. It’s difficult to start and sustain a profitable business as a single parent, with no money, no reserves or financing options, and a mind that makes decisions from the heart instead of the head. I never had business classes, I knew less than nothing about finances, and I “heard” my mentors tell me that I couldn’t keep helping anyone if I didn’t make a profit, but I either couldn’t grasp it or I denied “believing” it.

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I wanted to throw in the proverbial towel. Give up and go home. But every time I felt so completely overwhelmed that I couldn’t proceed, something happened to give me hope. I would visit a chapter to hear a member rave about a new client she got from a recent referral; I would get a card in the mail from someone who’s life had changed because of our community; a Director would email me that they’ve exceeded their referral generation goals; I see a chapter rally around a women who is in the middle of a life crisis; I see a women’s business scale to become a highly profitable venture; I see a woman step away from her job to follow her dreams of starting her own business. The list goes on and on. Each time, however, I can’t deny that those little life preservers came at a time when I needed them the most. It was God’s way of reminding me that I was in the right game, fighting the right fight, working for the right thing.

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However difficult and scary this ride may have been, I would much rather be riding on a crazy roller coaster than standing in the line still waiting to get on.

Are you still standing in line?

Patiently waiting to begin the scariest, yet most thrilling and rewarding ride of your life?

Well, stay tuned for this story to continue as I share what’s coming around the bend with DPWN.

Hugs & Blessings!


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