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Every year, since reading this book, I’ve adopted one word to be my word for the year. This year my word is “change”. I had big changes planned for DPWN, but not what you may think.

Let me back up a bit…

I can remember the day vividly. It was a Saturday morning in October 2018, and I actually thought we had come to the point of no return. The final DPWN implosion. After many conversations with other non-DPWN people, I had come to a difficult decision that I would put things in order and find someone to take over DPWN. Sell it. We still had a solid foundation of loyal members, and I felt that someone else could serve them better. I had been praying for a partner for years, but that hadn’t happened, and I was tired.

I felt that I had exhausted all of our options and I had hit the highest wall. I was ready to get off of the roller coaster once and for all.

What I didn’t do, was talk “with” God. Yes, I prayed for him to help and guide me when I was overwhelmed. I pleaded with Him to show me the magical solution for “my” plans, but I never asked Him what He wanted me to do? What were “His” plans? How did He want me to proceed next? And then, I needed to WAIT for Him to tell me.

For too many years, I neglected His wise counsel. I asked others, I hired business coaches to tell me, but I never asked Him. All this time, He had a plan to make DPWN “THE” premier resource for business women to unite and conquer in His Kingdom and I didn’t ask Him to show me.

You see, in the beginning years, I struggled with bringing Christianity into our culture. We even began a few of our lunches in prayer. But afterward, I always got feedback from someone about women feeling uncomfortable during that section of the event. So, I discontinued prayer. I wanted everyone to feel included and comfortable, not excluded and awkward.

As I look at the long list of women who have been DPWN Chapter Directors, I would say that 80% of them are Christian women. And just about as many of our members are Christians as well. But what about the other 20%?

So, last December, the decision was final… or so I thought.

I had a plan. I would enjoy the holidays and then begin talking to current and past members who I thought could possibly take our community through the next 10 years. Then it happened… 3-days before Christmas, I fell and broke my kneecap and was laid up in a leg immobilizer for 6-weeks. Although at first, I saw that as God’s way to confirm my decision, I eventually saw that it was God’s way to get my attention. He needed me to slow down long enough to hear Him. He needed me to start listening to His plan so that He could begin blessing our community. And that He has.

Since January, we have a brand-new website, 3 new chapters with plans for 5 more in the Fall. Our membership growth has also increased by 28% which is much better than a slow and steady decline. And there are some exciting new things just around the bend.

What’s Next?

As we head into the second half of 2019, I’ve been back on my knees asking, “What’s next?” “How do you want our community to evolve to become THE premier resource for business women to unite and conquer in Your Kingdom?”

This is what I heard.

Keep Uniting
In our current world status, women don’t need more things to do. We need less. We need to stop spending time on things in our business that don’t get us results. We don’t need to spend one more hour at a networking event, only to walk away with a handful of useless business cards and unresponsive email follow-ups. We need to replace the time on our schedules spent on fruitless marketing efforts and include time for personal care and balance. We need to strip away the guilt of not being able to help everyone and we need to take ownership of actively helping a select group of like-minded women who will loyally help us in return.

We should keep launching local chapters so that women can unite in person. But, in addition to this offline expansion, we also need to unite women globally, in virtual chapters. To meet that objective, we will begin hosting monthly online progressive networking events (which will save everyone travel time and money spent on tasteless lunches) so that women can come together efficiently. These events will include breakout groups for in-depth networking and an intentional follow-up strategy.

Keep Growing
Although connecting is the core of our DPWN culture, as business professionals, we need to continually evolve. To meet that objective, we will be holding multiple online training classes every month on certain business topics necessary for continual evolution. These classes will be taught by seasoned professionals and stored in an on-demand learning platform.

We will also be launching a Podcast to feature successful women, their wisdom and their stories. Our Overcoming Mediocrity project has attracted hundreds of women over the years who are making a big impact in the world, and this effort will feature them as well as other speakers, authors, coaches, and industry experts.

Keep Conquering
One of the best strategies for success is to surround ourselves with others who are accomplishing what we strive to accomplish. So, in the next few months, we will also begin forming up-leveled groups called Collaborative Velocity Circles. The objective of these groups will be to unite women to create combo referral, mastermind, and joint-venture power teams. The members of these groups will be strategically selected based on business needs, ideal customer demographics, business growth objectives, and revenue generation potential.

My Promise
However exciting this all sounds, I want everyone who reads this vision, to know that these goals can’t be accomplished with my efforts alone. As a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, one of my greatest lessons and most favorite quotes from John is, “It takes teamwork to make a dream work.” AND IT IS TRUE!

I need the help of women from all areas of expertise to ensure these plans come alive.
* If you are a DPWN member GREAT!
* If you are a future DPWN member, that is GREAT AS WELL!
* If you don’t think membership is right for you but would love to serve women in this capacity as a leader or board member, that is EVEN GREATER!!!
* If none of this is the right fit, but you know someone who may be interested, pass this GREATNESS on to them.

In whatever manner this letter lands with you, it is how it should be.

Remember, it’s God’s plan and I have faith that the right people will come into our DPWN family at the right time for the right reason.

The time is NOW for us!!


If so, please email me so we can schedule a call. I would love to hear how you want to contribute. How your gifts can make a bigger impact in our community and how our community can support your goals.

How we can unite, grow and conquer together.
Until then…
<3! Christie


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