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There’s NOW a faster and easier way for you to leverage a book as the ultimate positioning tool to propel your business to new heights, while at the same time gaining you more prestige and profits for the rest of your life!

When you can own the “Published Author” title, people will recognize you as an industry expert and you’ll be positioned to attract an abundance of clients, speaking opportunities, joint venture opportunities, increased fees and more.

Now is the best time EVER for you to become an Author!

You don’t even have to be a good writer or have the time to do it. We have a team of professional writers and editors who can turn your stories, tips and resources into transformational life-changing words.

Over the past 7-years we’ve created and refined a proven system to provide women multiple paths to have their own Amazon #1 best-selling book.

We want to help you too.


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If you’re an industry expert who recognizes the value of having a book, than read on…



Being an author has many perks, but one of the best is that you will be able to generate additional exposure to your business, your personal brand and increase traffic to your website.



You will become more visible to the world creating a more magnetic brand that will attract media interviews, power partners, speaking engagements and much more.



As an Amazon Bestselling Author, you will be able to create more loyalty with your clients and establish your expertise to be able to charge higher fees in addition to your book sale revenues.

Overcoming Mediocrity


The Simple Facts

DPWN has a proven system to help people become authors quickly and affordably.

Our authors are happy to share their impactful stories in a book they can be proud to own.

We’ve published 7 Overcoming Mediocrity anthology books, all of them reaching #1 rankings on Amazon.

Participating in a co-authored book can provide you with benefits you can’t get with your own book.

Collaborating with other like-minded professionals can open up the door to additional opportunities.

Unite Your Clients & Peers


The Simple Facts

Uniting your tribe in a book willl position you as an influencer and a respected leader.

Adding a co-authored book to your business model will create a substantial revenue bump.

Managing and publishing your own anthology project can be difficult, costly and damaging if not done correctly.

DPWN has a proven system that can help you have a successful co-authored book with whatever level of involvement you choose.

Share Your Story & Wisdom


The Simple Facts

Having a book can bring you more than credibility, exposure and influence.

Having a book will create a solid foundation for you to build your revenue generating expert business.

This 6-week class is for coaches, speakers and industry experts who want to build a stronger and more visible brand, and get their book out of their head and into their hands EFFICIENTLY & PROFITABLY.

Share Your Story & Wisdom


The Simple Facts

People who work with coaches, are far more likely to accomplish their big goals.

Let me help you make your book writing dream come true.


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