Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:

OM152: Georgiana Danet | From Tension to Tranquility

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode:OM152: Georgiana Danet | From Tension to Tranquility

Chapter Member News & Bonuses

Building more success in your business, through our DPWN community, is really not a complicated process.

You merely need to:
A) Invest in your network by continually inviting dynamic women to join us.
Women that will create power partnerships for you and for your DPWN sisters.

B) Invest in your DPWN sisters and take a pro-active role in finding them business opportunities.

C) Invest in your Chapter by taking on a Success Team role that will help create more opportunities for everyone in the group.

That’s really the extent of it.

Are you doing that???

Well, this is the 1/2 year point in our year so that you can start fresh in creating bigger goals and get better results with your efforts.

We are doing the same thing… for 🙂 you!


Not only are we creating enhancements to our systems, brand and marketing efforts that are designed provide our members better results. We are FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, providing our members the opportunity to renew for “Life” at a low price of only $600.

PLUS+ during the month of July, all Lifetime Members will get some AMAZING EXTRA BENEFITS.

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