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About Suzanne Yvette

Suzanne Yvette is a pioneer who was featured in a 1979 Time Magazine article titled, "Women in Non-Traditional Roles". Suzanne's untraditional story is not only an inspiration, but also a testament to the strength of the human spirit. Joining the Navy at 18 and being the only woman on a flight crew is tough enough, but not compared to what she would have to face. In the Navy, Suzanne met her first love and just three years later lost him in a helicopter crash. She found love and married three years later, only to have her husband die 10 months later. Suzanne was 5 months pregnant at the time. This is when she knew that she would need the �Heart of a Fighter". At the funeral, she decided that she would not wallow in loss and pity since she needed to be there for her daughter. She left the Navy after 12 years to support herself and her daughter. She had tremendous professional success only to be tested again. In 2001, Suzanne was diagnosed with late Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She fought bravely and ended up being not only a survivor, but a thriver with a love for life and a spirit of gratitude. Suzanne attributes her Heart of a Fighter, Soul of a Woman and Body of a Survivor philosophy to getting her through the toughest times and joyfully living her life today. To find out more visit Suzanne at