Building Relationships to Build Business

application_heading Our Leadership Team

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Each chapter is supported by a leadership team who on a volunteer basis, work together to ensure their chapter is successful at:

  • Assembling a team of women who will actively support each others professional objectives.
  • Building trusted relationships with each other that will result in gained knowledge on each others businesses.
  • Generating viable referrals for each other that will generate additional business transactions.
  • Creating additional opportunities to cross market each others businesses.
  • Sharing other networking opportunities with each other.
  • Learning about the opportunities that are only available to DPWN member for them to market their business. 



    Responsibilities of the Chapter Director

       * Attend the monthly leadership virtual meetings.
       * Organize chapter meeting schedule and send invitations
       * Maintain the chapter supply box.
       * Coordinate restaurant menu, providing head count, seating structure and ensure this is a seamless process at chapter meeting.
       * Greet every guest before each meeting and ensure she is given the appropriate items by Membership Director.
       * Conduct meeting per agenda stressing: professionalism, promptness and timeliness.
       * Communicate to chapter all DPWN news from leadership team e-mails and virtual leadership meetings.
       * Provide continual education and enforcement to chapter members of DPWN general policies and code of ethics.
       * Address industry conflicts with members and indicate this action in the member's profile.
       * Work with other members of the leadership team and encourage them to stay focused on their responsibilities.
       * Collect completed applications and membership dues from each guest who joins and process them promptly.
       * Welcome all new members with a welcome note or call and forward their contact info to all members via e-mail.
       * Schedule time to review our policies and procedures in detail to all newly signed members following the "New Member Orientation Checklist".
       * Be sure to educate on the attendance policy, and the areas of their business they will be promoting as well as areas they must refrain from promoting.
       * Help members get the maximum results from their membership by suggesting they develop power partnerships and encouraging them to contact those members to initiate that connection and to also meet with other members to see how they can help them.
       * Recognize members on their birthday or for other accomplishments.
       * Record attendance, referrals, and guests and turn them in to DPWN president at the end of each six- month period.  Accuracy in accumulating this information is critical to your integrity as a leader.
       * Generate absence e-mails, phone calls or letters on time and professionally with proper documentation of each communication.
    Benefits of Serving on our Leadership Team
    In addition to the additional visibility and recognition you will receive as a leader, we offer additional opportunities and incentives for our leaders that regular members do not receive.
    Schedule and organize presenting businesses at chapter meeting, ensuring fairness among members.