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When I started my first networking group back in 2003, never did I imagine it would grow into what it is today. I was a newly single mom who needed to generate referrals for my mortgage business, and I wanted to partner with other professional women who needed to grow their businesses too. Turns out, those women were easy to find, and through the systems I created and the relationships we built together, we found that our businesses grew beyond our wildest expectations.

To me, that could have been a great end to the story, except that little group kept growing. I soon realized that I had tapped into a need that was much greater than I could have known. I also discovered that growing a larger and more powerful resource for women was my true passion and purpose in life. This was what I wanted to do when I grew up. Yeah!!! I finally figured it out. :-) That was back in 2007 and was the official start of the Dynamic Professional Women's Network, Inc. or also known as DPWN.

Today, with chapters in multiple states, DPWN has become a very powerful Tribe of dedicated, loyal, success-oriented business professionals who actively set and implement goals to increase their businesses and develop personally. The foundation of our organization was built by dynamic women who wanted to make a difference in the world. These women also possessed a giver's mentality and wanted to adopt the principles taught in the Go-Giver book by Bob Burg. As the days, months, and years progress, our "Tribe" continues to grow and attract more of these like-minded women who are actually excited to invest in each others success. We are strong sisters in business.

Now I am dedicated to the continual development of our organization so it can become an even stronger resource for our members. I built DPWN Publishing, a division of DPWN that is a resource for members to leverage author status and gain increased exposure and credibility for their businesses. Women do so by participating in one of our Overcoming Mediocrity anthology books or by publishing their own solo-books. I am continuing to develop our DPWN University, enabling a more relevant learning tool for our members, as well as providing a way for them to share their knowledge as subject matter experts by hosting a training class of their own. In addition, we host a yearly women's conference that has been designed to not only motivate and inspire women, but to equip them to take steps toward achieving their next level of success.

Amongst all of these areas of focus, I am most excited about our DPWN Angel Foundation. Even though the Foundation still in its infancy stage, it is exciting to be in a position to utilize the power of this network to help so many women. The DPWN Angel Foundation, a not for profit organization, that works to ensure that all mothers have the support and resources they need to triumph through their transition. We do this by leveraging the continually expanding resources and connections of the DPWN Community to provide relief for an identified, immediate need to qualified recipients in various areas including but not limited to education, self-improvement, professional training, and networking. My ultimate vision is to become a national foundation that can serve the needs of thousands of women each year with a "hand-up," not a hand-out, and to keep building so that one day we can ensure that no woman ever has to feel alone or at a loss for how to address her needs.

I get it. I know there are many women's organizations out there that make it hard for you to decide why to join us and not them, BUT...
If you are looking to get connected with a community or Tribe of business women who want to help you, no need to look any further.
If you are looking to get connected with a community or Tribe of business women who have the best alliances, the best resources, and the best opportunities to support your business growth goals, no need to look any further.
If you are looking to get connected with a community or Tribe of dedicated, loyal, success-oriented business women who actively set and implement goals to increase their businesses and thus inspire you to do more than you might have done, no need to look any further.
If you understand the difference between just networking and relationship networking, and if you are interested in getting real results, real fast...
        LET US HELP YOU!!!

Join us!

If there is not a chapter currently in your state, no worries, you can join a virtual chapter. Or better yet, you can launch your own chapter in your town.

I look forward to serving you in our community.
Christie L. Ruffino
DPWN Founder and President

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