Building Relationships to Build Business

application_heading About DPWN

What Makes DPWN Unique

We all prefer to do business with people we know, like, and trust. But building that type of relationship-based referral network will take too much time if you are attempting to do it on your own. It will also take even longer if you are not pursuing these efforts with a go-giver mentality.

When it comes to building a strong referral network, we know that the best way to network with results is to create partnerships with other serious professionals and to collaborate purposely in a number of ways, all of which ultimately will leverage each person's contacts, skills, and resources. We also know that quality is definitely more important than quantity. So we intentionally partner with women whose values, goals and ambition are similar to our own.

If you combine all of this with the right structure, the right systems, and the right strategic plan, you too, can achieve phenomenal results with your networking efforts, while at the same time forming some great friendships that will last a lifetime.

Keys to our Chapter Success.

1.  "Dynamic" Members - In other words, professional women who are dedicated to actively supporting each other.
2.  Non-competitive Chapter Structure - Only one person can represent a specific industry category within the chapter. For example, one mortgage broker, one real estate agent, one banker, etc.
3.  Small Chapter Size - Our chapters typically do not exceed 25 women in order to maintain the close-knit bond of the group.
4 Go-Givers - Our members focus on supporting and serving each other with the understanding that in doing so, they will be supported back ten times over.

Put all these things together and solid referrals tend to happen easily and naturally. This is because our members sincerely care about helping each other reach their professional goals.

Our Members' Mission Statement:

We are a dedicated group of success-oriented business professionals setting goals to increase our business and develop personally. We help each other's businesses grow through valuable referrals, and assist each other by providing counsel in our particular areas of expertise.

Our Company Vision:

Our Vision is to become THE leading resource for professional women who want to join a powerful community ("Tribe") that will connect them to the best alliances, the best resources, and the best opportunities to support their business growth goals.

Our Company Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to provide the most advanced compilation of resources and opportunities to attract and develop a strong and dynamic Tribe of dedicated, loyal, success-oriented business professionals who actively set and implement goals to increase their businesses and develop personally.