Building Relationships to Build Business

application_heading Member Benefits

The Dynamic Professional Women's Network, Inc. (DPWN) is an exclusive network for professional women who recognize the value of creating partnerships with other like-minded women in order to achieve professional strength and success.

Over and over again, we see how women can become much more powerful when they shift their solo thinking to a more collaborate mindset and join forces with other strong and goal-orientated women in our DPWN Tribe. There is power in numbers and even more power when women become invested in each other in the business networking world.

DPWN Members Receive:

    >  Exclusive representation in our face-to-face "Relationship Networking" family.
    >  Access to our exclusive online virtual networking platform.
    >  Complete member profile, including: photo, logo, video, social media links, business description, and key-word search.
    >  Access to professional development tele-seminars, webinars, and educational library.
    >  Opportunity for leadership development and certification recognition.
    >  Author marketing with DPWN Publishing and the Overcoming Mediocrity Project.
    >  Member-only opportunities to participate in our yearly women's conference.
    >  Member-only website recognition and sponsorship opportunities designed to give unique and valuable exposure.
    >  The opportunity to support deserving women with a hand-up not a hand-out, through the DPWN Angel Foundation.
    >  Most importantly, DPWN members receive real results, real fast.

DPWN Members Enjoy the Value of:

    >  Belonging to our DPWN Tribe.
    >  Building great relationships that will last a lifetime.
    >  Being dedicated to the success of their sister chapter members.
    >  Having other like-minded women support and hold them accountable.
    >  Learning new business practices and exchanging proven marketing ideas.
    >  Sharing and learning about other valued networking opportunities in the local or virtual community.
    >  Having one resource that connects them to all of their professional development needs.
    >  Supporting and contributing to DPWN's overall growth.